Intern Posting

Conservative leaning political startup based in Washington D.C. is looking for an intern or two to help the co-founders on various projects, research and analytics. We have in the past or currently work for the RNC, NRCC, John McCain for President, Gov. Chris Christie, Senator Scott Brown, Governor Rick Scott, several congressional candidates and lots of right leaning non-profits. We also helped out a friends mom create a site to sell her cookies – they are really good cookies.

If you want to be involved in political campaigns then this is the internship for you. If you want to affect policy by maybe one day in the far future passing a bill then go to the hill. If you want to affect policy by unseating a Democratic incumbent who championed job killing policies (or maybe just over-taxed your tanning habit) then come work for us. Our work involves targeting strategy, new media, field or communications plans and more importantly execution – if that sounds like something you want to do then come work for us.

Candidate must come with at least one or all of the following (this is an internship not a job, we want and expect to teach you a lot so don’t worry if you can’t do most of this);

  • ▪ Level 72 Night Elf Microsoft Excel skills. If a 1000 row cascading formula brings tears to your eyes you get it. If you understand how to write formulas your good enough.
  • ▪ Campaign experience. Preferably field or new media work at any level. If you were on a losing campaign and can tell us why you get donut points.
  • ▪ Able to write a T-SQL query for finding all the different versions of the crueller donut among a table containing 4256 different donut types. If you know and love the crueller donut that’s a good start.
  • ▪ Photoshop skills. Will test by giving you a picture of one of the co-founders and having you increase his height by 3 inches.
  • ▪ Final Cut Pro or iMovie skills. Like nun chuck and bow hunting skills these are essential to making it in this world.
  • ▪ Can you talk and close? If politics or policy is your thing you’re going to have to talk your way through it, convincingly. You don’t have to be the next Ari Gold but don’t be afraid to take the reigns.
  • ▪ Ability to write. Currently the founders prefer math over the english language but that does not mean we don’t respect the written prose.
  • ▪ Able to handle fluid situations. We don’t have something for you to do all the time. Your last day will not be an indicator of your next day. We may ask you to travel at a moments notice. You will be frustrated at times.
  • ▪ Basic or advanced ability to code in RoR, .NET, C#, PHP, PYTHON or work with databases such as mySQL, MSSQL or Oracle.
  • ▪ You have your own equipment. Preferably because “work computers” don’t do what you want or have the right firepower to get it done. Not a deal breaker but come in and be proud to show us what you got. If you come in with a net book and say it can run MS Excel just fine thanks but no thanks.
  • ▪ If you read all this and think its probably a bit out of your league but think the work could be interesting and want to try and “fake it til you make it” then definitely apply. You may or may not make it but we respect and give credence to the fact that you tried.

Candidate Deal Breakers

  • ▪ Must have a good attitude. You will be frustrated, you will be overworked you may not always understand what your doing. You will have more fun here than at any other internship. If you can’t deal and roll with the punches then probably not for you.
  • ▪ We want someone ambitious who can execute. Come into the interview and tell us you want our job. We will tell you how you can have it, the question is can you execute?


We were all underpaid overworked interns at one point in our lives. We all know what it means to crash receptions on the hill with jackets in the summer so you have extra pockets to stuff all the sushi and mini-sandwiches you can get your hands on (FYI – that white stuff usually is mayo and it doesn’t survive metro rides).

We think the intern struggle builds character but we also think it should be just a bit easier for you interns to get along.

The company will pay your metro expenses and buy you lots of lunches/dinners. We will also give you a slice of the action. How much of the action? Your only worth as much as negotiate for so come in and tell us what your worth and how your going to earn it.

Who Are You Guys?

If you got this posting then you probably got it from a friend of friend or something. That’s how politics and this business works, word of mouth. Want to impress us, come to the interview and show us you did your homework and asked around about us.

Check us out at or and if your interested send us an email at [email protected]. Or even better use this stuff to figure out our Twitter names, Facebook accounts, other emails, cell phone numbers etc.  If you reach out to us other than with the above email (i.e. you figured shit out) then you get donut points.


One to two days a week in our downtown office at 1212 New York Ave. NW right by the Metro Center stop on the redline.

One More Thing

This is a rolling admissions process, if we find someone we like we hire them if we don’t we won’t.

We don’t need interns rather we want them young grasshopper.